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PreSonus Studio One Pro v2 Content

PreSonus Studio One Pro v2 Content
PreSonus Studio One Pro v2 Content | 16.6 GB

Studio One comes bundled with gigabytes of custom world-class content that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. The following outlines what is included in each version of Studio One.

Studio One Instruments Volume 1
This Soundset, powered by Digital Sound Factory, includes 200 sampled instrument presets for the Presence virtual instrument. These instruments include pianos, keyboards, basses, guitars, synths, orchestral soloists and sections, and more.

Ueberschall Impact Drums
With 32 high-quality electronic drum kits for the Impact virtual instrument, provided by world-renowned content-maker Ueberschall, you’ll be making killer beats in no time with this Soundset.

Studio One Expansion
This expansion Soundset, created by veteran sound-designer Rob Lee, builds on Studio One Instruments Volume 1. Including over 50 expertly crafted instruments for the Presence virtual instrument, plus 2 multi-velocity layer kits for the Impact virtual instrument, creative possibilities abound in this Soundset.

Studio One Musicloops
This Soundset showcases the awesome flexibility of Studio One 2s new proprietary Musicloop file format with over 150 Musicloops covering a broad spectrum of styles. A Musicloop contains a music performance loop (MIDI), an instrument preset, any channel FX presets used when creating the loop, and a lossless compressed audio preview of the loop. This allows you to instantly re-create a musical performance with a virtual instrument with a single drag-and-drop. And if you do not have the virtual instrument that was used in creating the loop, you can just drag the loop to an audio track, and away you go. Explore this Soundset to see what Musicloops can do for you.

Studio One Piano
This Soundset provides three high-quality multi-velocity layer pianos for the Presence virtual instrument. When you need a convincing acoustic piano, the Studio One Piano Soundset has you covered.

Vengeance Sound
This killer package of Musicloops, Impact presets, and audio loops is sure to get your body moving. Covering a wide range of dance/electronica styles, this Soundset shows off just a small portion of what’s on offer from our friends at Vengeance Sound.

Voodoo One Synth
Originally released by the enigmatic “Voodoo One,” Studio One’s unofficial mascot, this Soundset provides over 150 killer lead, pad, and sequenced synth instruments for the Presence virtual instrument.

Studio One Instruments Volume 2
This Soundset adds 200 more instruments from Digital Sound Factory to the Presence virtual instrument, providing even more depth and resources for your creativity.

Electronic Audioloops
With hundreds of loops covering dozens of styles of electronic music, this Soundset, powered by the gurus at Peace Love Productions, offers incredible flexibility and showcases Studio One 2s new proprietary Audioloop file format. An Audioloop is a single file that contains multiple slices of audio, which allows for maximum creativity when using the loops. For instance, in one click you can map an Audioloop to the SampleOne virtual instrument, with each slice of the loop setup to play on individual notes across your keyboard. Beat mangling, here we come!

Acoustic Drum Kits and Loops
We worked with world-class session drummer Tony Morra to bring you this custom set of multi-velocity layer acoustic drum kits for the Impact virtual instrument, as well as hundreds of stereo acoustic drum loops. This Soundset is perfect for adding realistic acoustic drums to your music, whether you want to play your own grooves with Impact or drop in great-feeling performances played by one of Nashville’s top guns. Look for more content from Tony Morra in the near future.

Studio One Electric Pianos and Organs
We sampled a few classic keyboards and organs, and then had John Jones (a PreSonus employee and a fine keyboardist) play some grooves in the styles that made each sampled instrument famous. The result is a highly playable collection of the keyboard and organ sounds you know and love for the Presence virtual instrument, along with some great matching Musicloops ready to use in your own music.

Nine Volt Audio Guitars
In need of killer guitar and bass loops? This Soundset has you covered with hundreds of Audioloops from the experts at Nine Volt Audio, ranging from metal, to pop, to funk, to far-out textures. There’s plenty more where this comes from on the Nine Volt Audio Web site, so be sure to check it out.

Vintage Keys
This Soundset was created in partnership with students and faculty at the University of Colorado-Denver. These lucky guys happen to have a dozen or so of the most famous analog synthesizers (in mint condition!) in their possession, as well as having a resident sampling expert, Sam McGuire. This Soundset delivers 200 presets of meticulously-sampled, warm, analog, synthy goodness!

Synth Session Soundset
When the opportunity arose to sample classic electronic and analog synthesizers at PreSonus Software headquarters, we jumped on it. With hundreds of instruments nicely organized into Bass, Effects, Leads, Pads, and Sequences, this Soundset delivers serious possibilities for your sonic palette.

Electronic Kits and Musicloops
This Soundset includes 13 electronic-music construction kits, each with multiple Musicloops that make use of the instruments in the Synth Session Soundset (as well as an Audioloop of the rendered mix), ready to drag-and-drop into your productions. An additional 120+ Musicloops in Chord, Melody, and Organs categories round out this collection of production-ready loops.

Studio One FX
Over 200 heavily effected sounds, ranging from melodic to percussive and beyond, are ready to be explored in this Soundset. Additionally, 15 Musicloops are provided to demonstrate some of the possibilities for using these sounds in your productions.

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PreSonus Studio One v2.0.2 [WIN+MAC]

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