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iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced v6.10 Incl.Emulator-R2R

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OhmForce Plugins Collection (WiN/MAC)

OhmForce Plugins Collection (WiN/MAC)
OhmForce Plugins Collection | WiN/MAC | 124 MB / 300 MB

Collection of plugins by OhmForce. OhmForce always focus on quality before schedule imperatives or other constraints. It's terribly painful for OhmForce to release products that they do not consider good enough and they often taken the time to improve them until they meets their requirements. Ohmicide falls into that category. Because each Ohm Force plugin is unique, it really makes sense to get them all. Check the list to find which one you missed.



Hematohm PRO v1.31
Mobilohm PRO v1.21
OhmBoyz PRO v1.51
Ohmicide PRO v1.23
Predatohm PRO v1.41
QuadFrohmage PRO v1.31
Ohmygod v1.01
Symptohm Melohman v1.21


Hematohm v1.42
Mobilohm v1.32
Ohmboyz v1.62
Ohmicide v1.32
Ohmygod v1.22
Predatohm v1.52
QuadFrohmage v1.42
Symptohm v1.32
SymptohmPE* v1.3.2 (Free)





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OhmForce Plugins Collection (WiN/MAC)
Download OhmForce Plugins Collection (WiN/MAC)
OhmForce Plugins Collection (WiN/MAC) - High Speed Download

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